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Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine

Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine

KS3-72MC-IKS3 series is an Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine. It adopts industry-leading STEIGER system, uses auxiliary roller, comb cooperate with flexible traction device to realize knit to shape, eliminate the complex processes such as linking and sewing up.The new flexible traction device is ......

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Product Description


KS3 series is an Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine. It adopts industry-leading STEIGER system, uses auxiliary roller, comb cooperate with flexible traction device to realize knit to shape, eliminate the complex processes such as linking and sewing up.

The new flexible traction device is used together with comb device and auxiliary roller, which can better meet fabric shovel needles, receiving and releasing needles of the local knitting demand.

16 motorized yarn feeders are independently controlled by the machine system, which can move freely in the horizontal direction, so that the yarn feeders can be accurately positioned and fed synchronously, reduce the carriage empty courses, can be easily realize the special organization patterns such as intarsia, reverse inlay, weft lining, hollow knitting, etc., and increase the flexibility and diversification of the knit to shape patterns.

Full motor 5.2-inch ultra-small carriage, motorized transfer cam, rapid return, carriage does not wait when needles transfer, greatly improving the stability and efficiency of the Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine.


Thoughtful technology

A good machine must have distinguished technology, so does STEIGER. Its looping formation quality, even for the very friable yarns, will be also capable to meet the requirements of fabric on bulk density or compactness. The free needle pitch allows you to choose different ones on the same machines according to the change of seasons.

Smoother operation

The display displays various knitting information and parameters, and visualizations in actual knitting process. Display knitting process: you can view the carriage mechanical's working status and actual position and the quantity already woven. In addition, the working parameters such as stitch, speed, tension and so on can be adjusted at any time when the machine is running, which facilitates the operation and saves time to maximum extent.

Product Parameter of the KS3-72MC-I

Knitting rangeVariable knitting range,72 inch,82 inch
Needle selector8-segment electronic needle selector10-segment electronic needle selector
Machine speed1.4m/s max1.3m/s max
The knitting speed is different due to different gauge and knitting condition, and it can be randomly adjusted.
Knitting systemSingle carriage three system
RackingServo motor precise control, the range of moving needle is up 2 inches.
Stitch densityHigh speed stepping motor control, with dynamic stitch function, can be set arbitrarily in multiple sections.
Take-down DeviceThe roller, comb and flexible traction device work together, they can be set arbitrarily in multiple sections.
SinkerNormally closed sinkerCross sinker
Motorized inversion barMotorized inversion bar works cooperate with needle selection avoiding, servo optimization function, to achieve rapid and smooth return of the carriage.
Two knots top tensionSinking top tension. If there are large knots, it will stop; if there are small knots, it will drop to the speed when detecting error, and automatically restore the original speed after knitting 0-99 lines set by itself.
Yarn feeder system16 yarn feeders
Drive deviceBelt drive, ac servo motor, no refueling
Document transmissionInput and output patterns through U disk and computer network. Storage memory 16G, support expansion.
Stop motionYarn break, large knot, fabric pileup, shock detection, piece count, over-torque, program error, etc.
Safety devicesFull safety cover for noise-suppression and dust-proofing with stop motion sensor and interlock mechanism. Emergency stop switch Emergency power off device.
Machine size and weight72 inch Volume: length*width*height 3556mm*904mm*2010mm Net weight: about 1500kg
Backup powerAfter machine power failure, the knitting state can be saved for knitting recovery.
Power supply deviceVoltage:AC220V/380V, Frequency:50HZ/60HZ, Power:1.5KW

Product Details of the KS3-72MC-I

  • Normally Closed Sinker

    No matter the position of the machine carriage, it can maintain the pressure on the fabric piece, and obviously improve the quality and appearance of complex three-dimensional structure, such as Chain stitch, bubble structure or multi overlap loop knitting. At the same time, due to the normally closed sinker, the tension of roller can be reduced, so as to avoid the deformation of fabric sheet, and it is also conducive to knit the starting course without tension.6.2G.

  • Display Screen

    The screen adopts LCD touch screen, and it has color display graphical interface. The working status and actual position of cam and the number of knitting pieces can be viewed from the screen page. In addition, the working parameters such as stitch, speed, tension and so on can be adjusted at any time when the machine is running. Which facilitates the operation and saves time to maximum extent.

  • Yarn Storage

    This Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine adopts carbon-free brush de motor which is controlled by the microprocessor, and the yarn storage is monitored by the sensor. The revolving speed of the motor is adjusted according to the yarn usage, so as to guarantee that the yarn has no wire rolling phenomenon. The output resistance of yarn is guaranteed by the magnetic tension device at the output end of the yarn.

  • Carriage

    The design of small carriage and the fast turning control technology of electric connecting rod can not only make the carriage run smoothly without too much impact force but also speed up the rotation speed of each line of the carriage, so the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

  • Flexible Take-down Device

    The traditional leather roller which has been changed into a flexible device which consists of several pneumatic needle harrows. It can adjust single pneumatic needle harrow in sections and regions to control the local tension of the cloth more effectively. Therefore, it can make three-dimensional games, for example, the shoulder line of flat shoulder sleeve sweater can be put on the back, so as to fit the body better.

  • Motorized Yarn Feeder

    16 PCS yarn feeders are out of the binding of the carriage, move freely in the horizontal direction, accurately feedback control by the encoder, make the yarn feeder stop position more accurately, cooperate with the system to control the yarn into the knitting area separately, and complete the accurate positioning of the yarn feeder and synchronous feeding, which can reduce the empty course of the carriage and improve the knitting efficiency and realizing some specially designated patterns knitting.

The advantages of KS3-72MC-I

① The process and products are simplified with good effect

② Reduce production process

③ Reduce labor force

④ Reduce the use of sewing sites

⑤ Reduce device configuration

⑥ Shorten production cycle

⑦ Reduce production loss

⑧ Reduce management costs

⑨ Improve production and processing profit

About Steiger

Steiger, Switzerland, was founded in 1949, with its consistently uphold innovation and pioneering spirit. Today, Steiger, is one of the world’s leading computerized flat knitting machine manufacturer. Steiger Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine are not only recognized domestically, but also highly praised abroad.

Since July, 2010, Steiger has been being a subsidiary of the Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. which is one of the biggest Intelligent Sweater Knitting Machine suppliers in the world. Cixing Group is a National level of high and new technology company who devotes to promote knitting machinery technology, realizes the knitting industries upgrading.

In the future development process, Cixing Group will continue to increase development around its main business, improve technology and product functions such as "knit to shape", and help customers develop new products based on their actual needs, optimize and improve production models, realize the full link of production and management in the industrial chain, and add points for the continuous development and growth of customers through "products + services"; Through the empowerment of digital technology, the transformation from traditional manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing has been achieved, achieving significant improvements in labor productivity and production flexibility in the entire industry, as well as improvement in product quality and resource energy consumption, promoting the high-end development of the textile industry.

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